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You and your church have a unique witness to Christ’s kingdom on your local stage. 

The Drama
of Discipleship

The Drama of Discipleship

How do Christ’s followers reach across the dividing lines of our culture to offer hospitality and hope? How do local congregations worship God faithfully and bear witness to their neighbors with fitting words and deeds? Good answers can be found as we re-read the Script together, translating the Bible’s redemptive drama in the midst of the opportunities and challenges we face together on our local stage.

Dennae Pierre

“Western spirituality often takes an individualistic approach to discipleship, but this book presents a holistic perspective of discipleship with an emphasis on forming communities who live out the biblical story in all domains of life. This is a book I want to read with our entire church family, as I believe the application of this book will allow us to more faithfully love our neighbors and each other.”

Codirector, Crete Collective, City to City North America, and Surge Network
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“Christian discipleship is broken, and this brokenness is global. Fortunately, Perry has written a timely volume to help the church course correct. The Drama of Discipleship is appropriately titled, because Christian discipleship is not only grounded in the grand drama of Scripture but is riddled with suspense . . . The reader will be hospitably treated to in-depth exegesis and much-needed ‘rubber-meets-the-road’ application that can be used in the here and now.”

Chief Program Officer, Arrabon
Dr. Luke Bobo
Dr. Greg Perry teaching


Gregory R. Perry is an ordained minister and seminary professor who has one foot in the parish and one foot in the academy.  For 14 years he served on the New Testament faculty of Covenant Seminary where he directed the City Ministry Initiative. Whether living in Atlanta, Sydney, Washington D.C., Saint Louis, or Orlando, Greg has re-read Scripture and local cultures together with congregational leaders in God’s mission. Currently, Greg serves on the faculty of the Missional Training Center in Phoenix, and is President of Thirdmill Seminary, an academic partner in the Thirdmill Global Network.

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